Our cleaning products under your own name

90 Years of developement, production and our excellent quality and service, are only a few reasons, why you should take us as your private label partner.
As your capable partner, we help you from the first idea to the production and finally the distribution!

Why you should choose us

  • maximum production flexibility
  • production corresponding to EU – guidelines , washing and cleaning agents law (WMRG) and chemical law (ChemG)
  • variable packing and label design as you want
  • VAH (former DGHM) listed products
  • RE and RK listed products
  • wide range of special agents for cleaning and machines
  • safety data sheets and manuals
  • unbeatable price performance ratio

Your contact for private label issues:

Klaus Krisch
E-Mail: krisch@oehme-lorito.de
Tel: +49(0) 9176 / 980 532