Worth Knowing

Back in 1923, our company was established as Lorito SA (Société Anonyme) in Vevey located at Lake Geneva. Since 1998, the headquarters with an area of approx. 15.000 m² are situated in Allersberg, in the south of Nürnberg. We have a network of subsidiaries and distribution partners all over Germany and almost all European countries. Our daughter companies are located in Berlin, Braunschweig, Hannover, Leipzig and Frankfurt.With our own truck fleet, we supply our bulk consumers, both at home and abroad.
We are members of different research communities and trade associations, i.e. IHO, IKW, VCI, FRT, ARGEB. Furthermore, we are participants in the Bavarian Authorities of Environment. We are represented with our own booth on specialized trade fairs at home and abroad, like Amsterdam, Verona, Chicago and even in China and Korea.


Zitat Otto Oehme

Our Products

Since 1923, all recipes of cleaning and caring products are developed in-house for bulk users. As to the environmental compatibility, they are all free of CFC, halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents. As far as possible, we are using renewable primary products to meet the ecologic and economic requirements.
Furthermore, our products correspond to EEC-regulation1999/45/EG, the law for detergents and cleaning agents (WRMG 1987), the Chemicals Act (ChemG, rev. 2002) and the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefstoffV). This means our products will not affect environment and human health, subject to appropriate use.
Our disinfectants are DGHM-listed, several sanitary cleaners are included in the
RK-list.Our product range is completed by accessories, trolleys and equipment.

Our Ambition

With a variety of special cleaning agents and equipment, we can offer a complete solution for cleanliness and hygiene. Our skilled salesmen give you professional service. For training our customers, we organize training and workshops under the direction of competent instructors.